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Getting Started - FoldCLI beta

Folderr CLI (command-line: foldcli) is a new way to manage Folderr Currently under-development however it has the following abilities:

  • The ability to install Folderr
  • Set up Folderr's database and security keys
  • Set up the owner account for Folderr

Table of Contents

Install From Release

You can install the pre-production version of foldcli found on the github releases page


  1. Download the executable for your system
  2. Move executable to PATH

You can see your PATH by doing


example (linux, amd64, path includes $HOME/.local/bin):

wget -O foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION.tar.gz$FOLDCLI_VERSION/foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION-linux-amd64.tar.gz
# make a place to put the files zipped up
mkdir foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION
# untar & install to $HOME/.local/bin/foldcli
tar -xvzf foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION -C foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION
chmod +x foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION/foldcli
cp foldcli-$FOLDCLI_VERSION/foldcli $HOME/.local/bin/foldcli

Install From Source

Currently the only way to "install" Folderr CLI is to build it yourself using Go. We recommend go 1.20 or higher.

build it yourself steps:

  1. install go (
  2. clone repository from
  3. navigate to cli directory
  4. run go build .
  5. (linux): run chmod +x foldcli
  6. move executable to PATH [variable]


All of these assume you have git and go installed

Windows Installation Note

We recommend copying Folderr CLI to a path that is in your user folder and your PATH.

You can see your PATH by doing


So something like C:\Users\folderr\Tools\foldcli.exe would be ideal as

  • it allows you to use the executable without privilege elevation (admin) and
  • modify it (when a new version is out) without needing admin rights. You can also append something like C:\Users\folderr\Tools to your path Note: folderr is just a example
# assumption: you are admin
git clone
cd foldcli
go build .
chmod +x foldcli
sudo cp foldcli /bin
# assumption: you are not admin
git clone
cd foldcli
go build .
chmod +x foldcli
cp foldcli $HOME/bin
git clone
cd foldcli
go build .
# See tip for how to copy it to a directory

Now you can restart your terminal and use it like

foldcli init folderr
foldcli.exe init folderr

Future Plans

Plans for Folderr CLI

  • Better key management
  • Owner transfership (maybe)
  • Account management
  • Ability to verify/deny a user through the CLI
  • Moderation abilities: Takedown, remove account, ban user, warn user, and reverse content lookup (find user by their content)
  • Upload an image (good for linux users)
  • Shorten a link

Docs licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Folderr licensed under AGPL-3.0